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From Luciano Resende <>
Subject Re: Help reviewing PhotArk podling release
Date Sat, 22 Aug 2009 06:18:25 GMT
On Thu, Aug 20, 2009 at 6:16 PM, sebb<> wrote:
> Sigs and hashes OK; tgz and zip agree with each other.
> However, the source archive does not agree with the SVN tag - the
> versions are different in various pom.xml files.

Can you give me one example ? The verious pom.xml should have version
id as <version>M1-incubating</version>.

>Also there is no DISCLAIMER in the source archive.
Fixed. Would this require a new RC ?

> The distribution/src/main/release/bin/LICENSE file is also different
> between SVN and the source archive. But I would not expect to find a
> LICENSE file there anyway.

The distribution/src/main/release/bin/LICENSE is used to generate the
binary distribution, while the LICENSE in the root of the svn is the
one used for the source distribution. I'm not sure what do you mean by
"But I would not expect to find a LICENSE file there anyway.", as my
understanding is that the the source release would have a Apache
License there, and any other third party licenses appropriate for the
source distribution.

> I'm not sure why there are additional copies of the NOTICE, LICENSE
> etc files in the subdirectories; there should only be copies in the
> top-level directory.

Similar to above, the copies in the subdirectory are used in the
binary distribution.

> There's no DISCLAIMER in the binary archive.


> Minor problems:
> Builds OK using M2/Java 1.5, but there don't appear to be any tests run.
> README and INSTALL mention April 2009 release.
> The INSTALL file does not really explain how to install anything.
> The POM file needs to specify the encoding to avoid warnings such as
> the following:
> [WARNING] File encoding has not been set, using platform encoding
> Cp1252, i.e. build is platform dependent!
> [WARNING] Using platform encoding (Cp1252 actually) to copy filtered
> resources, i.e. build is platform dependent!

What is needed here ? I checked all the pom.xml and they all seem to
have the necessary UTF-8 encoding
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

Note that, looking on the pom.xml from a browser, the encode
information is not showed, but a view source or looking directly into
the code does show the proper encoding there.

If you have a specific pom.xml that has this info missing, please let me know.

> Not a release blocker, but worth fixing in SVN trunk:
> svn ps svn:eol-style native DISCLAIMER
> svn ps svn:eol-style native assets/DISCLAIMER
> svn ps svn:eol-style native assets/LICENSE
> svn ps svn:eol-style native assets/NOTICE
> svn ps svn:eol-style native photark/DISCLAIMER
> svn ps svn:eol-style native photark/LICENSE
> svn ps svn:eol-style native photark/NOTICE
> svn ps svn:eol-style native photark-webapp/DISCLAIMER
> svn ps svn:eol-style native photark-webapp/LICENSE
> svn ps svn:eol-style native photark-webapp/NOTICE
> svn pd svn:executable photark/src/main/resources/index.gif
> svn pd svn:executable photark/src/main/resources/index_on.gif
> svn pd svn:executable photark/src/main/resources/next.gif
> svn pd svn:executable photark/src/main/resources/next_disabled.gif
> svn pd svn:executable photark/src/main/resources/next_on.gif
> svn pd svn:executable photark/src/main/resources/prev.gif
> svn pd svn:executable photark/src/main/resources/prev_disabled.gif
> svn pd svn:executable photark/src/main/resources/prev_on.gif
> svn pd svn:executable photark/src/main/resources/styles.css
> svn pd svn:executable photark-webapp/src/main/webapp/index.gif
> svn pd svn:executable photark-webapp/src/main/webapp/index_on.gif
> svn pd svn:executable photark-webapp/src/main/webapp/next.gif
> svn pd svn:executable photark-webapp/src/main/webapp/next_disabled.gif
> svn pd svn:executable photark-webapp/src/main/webapp/next_on.gif
> svn pd svn:executable photark-webapp/src/main/webapp/prev.gif
> svn pd svn:executable photark-webapp/src/main/webapp/prev_disabled.gif
> svn pd svn:executable photark-webapp/src/main/webapp/prev_on.gif
> svn pd svn:executable photark-webapp/src/main/webapp/styles.css

Fixed both in trunk and release branch.

>>  > [1]

Luciano Resende

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