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From Greg Brown <>
Subject Re: incorrect terminology: lead developers
Date Tue, 11 Aug 2009 02:23:50 GMT
Ordinarily, I'd refrain from comment on a topic such as this. But I  
think it's pretty unrealistic to consider any project, especially one  
of Pivot's magnitude, to be practically fostered without any kind of  
"leader". I don't claim authority, and I don't think that my vote  
counts any more than anyone else's. However, I don't think *any*  
project is likely to be successful without some kind of vision behind  
it, and, from my experience, that's typically driven by a handful of  
individuals. Yes, there are lots of other contributors without whom a  
project would not be successful. But to say that there is no such  
concept as a "leading developer" is a fallacy.

If that's an idea that's too foreign to the ASF, then perhaps Pivot  
doesn't belong here.

On Aug 10, 2009, at 9:15 PM, David Crossley wrote:

> This is a general comment to everyone. It is finally triggered
> by this month's report from Pivot.
> There is no such concept at the ASF as "leading developer".
> Yes i know that the Jira issue tracker is misleading, as it has
> an incorrect label on its interface: "Project Lead"
> Some projects get around that by referring to "Xxx Developers".
> However today i am not really concerned about Jira. It is the
> use of the term in board reports and such, that indicates an issue.
> -David
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