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From Jason Davies <>
Subject Trademark issues with importing "ibrowse" into Apache CouchDB
Date Thu, 06 Aug 2009 14:22:36 GMT
Hello all,

We recently imported a third-party library "ibrowse" [1] into Apache  
CouchDB.  Getting a software grant agreement is not a problem  
(although we should have done this earlier).  However, as part of the  
due diligence checks I am supposed to check for any existing  
trademarks that it might violate.  I did a simple search on the US  
trademark database and discovered there is a live trademark for  
"ibrowse".  The trademark number is 2956316.

Now, Googling for "ibrowse" turns up quite a few search results from  
different usages of this name, so I don't know whether this means it  
is not being enforced, and whether that means we don't need to worry.

If someone more knowledgeable could check the trademark and advise on  
whether Chandru (author of the ibrowse module that we are importing)  
needs to change anything, and whether this is a problem from Apache  
CouchDB, that would be very helpful.  Also, if there is a more  
appropriate mailing list for this question, please let me know.



Jason Davies

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