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From Noah Slater <>
Subject Re: Third-party dependencies in CouchDB
Date Sun, 09 Aug 2009 10:42:42 GMT
On Sat, Aug 08, 2009 at 10:10:13PM -0500, Curt Arnold wrote:
> I requested that the erlang_oauth commit be reverted until we had a
> clarification, but no action has been taken.

I think this is a poor summary.

Your thread was taken seriously, and people responded, but as far as I knew,
discussion was still ongoing. The way you've worded it could lead people into
thinking that you were ignored.

> The second issue is that there seemed to be a recurring pattern of
> significant contributors using Github for feature branches.  This raised
> the possibility of the resulting patch not being the work of a single
> individual and also removed the development history from the archives.

Some of our committers use Github for working on personal experiments, and they
understand the importance of making sure that any code they commit to the
CouchDB project is properly vetted.

Like it was mentioned on the lists, programmers are likely to work with friends,
or on local machines, anyway, and there is always going to be this issue with
code they commit. The only way to prevent it being an issue would be to have
them literally do clean room development under supervision.

I'm not meaning to be pedantic, but I wish you hadn't framed it like this. Our
current set of committers understand the issues involved, and while I agree that
it would be nice to know what the official position is, it feels unfair to
imply that something untoward is going on.

> I'm having problems pointing to a definitive statement that says that
> these are things that an Apache project doesn't do, but am struggling to
> come up with anything definitive.

You're implying that people have disagreed with you, which is misleading.

One of our committers has already requested the SGAs for erlang-oauth and
ibrowse, and is looking into possible trademark issues. He's told me this
morning that he's intending to call a vote as required by the import
procedure, once he's sorted this out.

> I would appreciate review of these threads and appropriate participation
> from the Incubator PMC.

I think it would be good to have some ASF-wide discussion about the use of
personal hosted repositories such as Github, Bitbucket, or any one of the other
sites generally for experimentation. While developers a few years ago were much
more likely to hack around in a private directory, or even Subversion if they
were organised enough, personal hosting scratch-pads like this are becoming more
and more common. It would be nice to have an official ASF position on it.


Noah Slater,

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