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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: [appeal] Help JSPWiki Graduate!
Date Thu, 06 Aug 2009 08:39:16 GMT
Craig L Russell wrote:
> Janne:
> >
> >*grin*
> >
> >I completely missed this email the first time around. I think  
> >JSPWiki would certainly benefit from the attention ...

Fantastic. I am so glad that i restarted Bill's thread.

> >close to having all the bits and pieces in place (minus a release or  
> >two).  It's just that we're slightly unsure as to what to do... When  
> >I collected the list of Things To Do Before Graduation 
> >(

> >), I think I found at least two, if not three, separate lists.

Yes the Incubator documentation certainly needs refinement.
Please point out problems (or fix it directly). Also if you have
any other suggestions for the Clutch help section:

> >Wouldn't mind if you guys took a peek at the different items on the  
> >JIRA milestone above and gave your comments.

I will spend a little time soon.

>  I (and most of the  
> >other devs, most of whom are Europeans) are on holiday right now,  
> >but we should be getting back to speed in a week or two.
> >
> >Personally, I would like to get most of the issues looked at in  
> >advance so that we wouldn't have to bump our heads against the "oh,  
> >but your release is missing X, do it all again" too many times.

I am glancing at Clutch:

The podling Status page hasn't been updated in ages.
Personally i would at least add some News items in there.
That would help to encourage more participants and helps
the IPMC at graduation review time.
There are some items that i expect are already done.
Investigate some other projects status files.

Clutch shows that there is one new committer since entry.
It gets that from the status News section. I tried to find
your Incubator Proposal wiki page and compare with the current
list of committers, but could not find it.

I went back through your board reports (nice) to try to find
mention of other committers.

So one new committer is good. That was 12 months ago.
Gradually adding more is ideal, but of course your PMC
knows best when someone else is ready. I do see other
contributors that seem to co-operate well in discussions
and provide decent patches. Getting more committers
should encourage others.

Getting ready for release is obviously your next thing ...

I suggest practicing ahead of time, as it will be less
frustrating when you go for the real release. Note down
your steps. Look around other projects and TLPs - many
have notes about their release process so that other devs
can assist and can do it themselves next time.
Most say that whoever is designated the Release Manager
needs to be prepared to put in a large amount of time.

Anyway some quick notes ...

License headers:
I glanced at some files. Looks okay. If not already done,
then i suggest running RAT or using other tools from the
"committers" repository.

License files:
I see that your "LICENSE" file includes references to
the supporting products licenses. Personally i think that
that is a reasonable solution to a hard maintenance problem.
Others say that we are required to display actual text of
all licenses there.

NOTICE file:
Hmmm, i think that this file is intended for actual
notices that are requested in the various supporting products

One thing that you can get ready prior to release
is the distribution area at w.a.o/dist/incubator/jspwiki/

Look around other TLPs. Many have HEADER.html etc. files.
(Yes i know that not many other incubating projects do it.)
For people who stumble directly to mirrors or worse,
directly to w.a.o/dist/ space, rather than going via your
project's download page, these notices encourage them to
download from the mirrors instead, and provide instructions
for download verification. For example see Forrest.
We store those ancillary files in our SVN.

I am not sure what the requirements are to notify that
the release is by a project in incubation. There are some
docs at site. See the mirror headers
at w.a.o/dist/incubator/ top-level. There is some disclaimer
text there that you might like to use too.

The KEYS file is something else that you can get ready ahead
of release time. Even if it only contains the signature of
the Release Manager. Better with more, of course.

Anyway, i hope that helps a little to ease your next phase.


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