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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: remember when each project report is due
Date Wed, 29 Jul 2009 08:15:06 GMT
Upayavira wrote:
> Clearly my chance never came, so let's make it happen now.
> The task itself is trivial - send an email to each email address listed
> in a file once a month, using a different file for each of a three month
> rotation cycle.
> Now, the questions are:
>  1. What date do we send the email out on?

Make it as easy as possible for everyone.
I suggest just send on the first day of the month.

Going by the list at
Section 4, that would amount to between 9-14 days to get
their report in.

The tricky part is that someone needs to populate
each monthly wiki page with the current list, to be ready
for the podling reports.
I have been doing it each month, early in the month.
This time Niclas already has it done, ready for next month.

>  2. Do we, and if so when do we, send reminder emails?

I say no. These podlings need to be independent and interested.

>  3. What do the emails say?
>  4. What date do we state in the below email?

Keep it simple, don't provide a date.

They can look at that month's report template, e.g.
The date and other instructions are stated load and clear.
Also stated at

> Attempt to answer 3 is:
> -------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Dear <PODLING>-dev,
> Your latest report to the Apache Board is required by XX/XX/XXXX. Please
> ensure it is posted to, by the end
> of that day.
> Please ensure you provide a summary of your project at the beginning of
> the report and provide an answer to the question "What are the next
> steps your project needs to take to move towards graduation". You should
> also provide details of any new committers, PPMC members, product
> releases and so on, as well as anything else that might seem significant
> to you.
> Mentors - once the report has been posted to the Incubator Wiki, please
> 'sign' it to show that you have read the report.
> Incubator PMC
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------

Seems okay. It could be simpler, as everything is aleady stated
at the top of each wiki report page, e.g.

One thing that i would like to have clearly stated, is that this
report is up to each project's group of committers, and should not
be left to the mentors.


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