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From Leif Hedstrom <>
Subject Re: [Proposal] Traffic Server
Date Thu, 18 Jun 2009 18:30:37 GMT
Leo Simons wrote:
>> Is there anything else missing?
> Nope, it looks like you have your ducks in a row! +1 from me.

Great! Once our legal get their ducks lined up (very soon I hope), I'll 
submit the official request for approval / vote. I want to resolve the 
TM issues around "Traffic Server" before we do this, in case we end up 
having to rename the project (but I hope it won't come to that).

> Sounds like the an obvious/interesting challenge will be to try and
> attract some contributors from outside of yahoo -- with such a big
> (and probably sophisticated =) ) code base I imagine it might be hard

Yeah, it's pretty complicated under the hood (asynchronous state machine 
+ threads), but there are tons of "easy wins" for someone to immediately 
come in and contribute. We also hope that some more former developers 
will sign up (we already got one, Eric Balsa, who is an ex-Yahoo).
> for newbies to get up to speed...then again I can also imagine more
> than a few people would be interested in this stuff :)

Yeah, I think we have some interesting code/solutions here, which is 
what makes it scale to 4-8 CPUs fairly linearly. :) But we still think 
we can improve this, a lot, using new techniques and tools to optimize 
for todays multi-core processors with large L2/L3 caches etc.


-- Leif

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