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From "Alan D. Cabrera" <>
Subject This problem of mine
Date Tue, 12 May 2009 15:14:38 GMT
So, those of you may be aware that the JSecurity/Ki podling currently  
is "administratively stuck" on a debate about its name.  First some  
history then a brief explanation of my position.

After a long and arduous debate the podling voted to change its name  
from JSecurity to Ki.  After the vote a company named FixFlyer sent us  
a notice that it is their position that the name overlaps with their  
java based security product.  See

Now, it's my opinion based on my experience in the financial industry  
that their claim has great merit.  I think the confusion comes from  
the dual meaning of the word security in finance.  People compare the  
meaning as in financial instrument with that of computer security and  
come to the erroneous conclusion that there is no overlap.

What FixFlyer has built in Java is a financial routing engine, not  
unlike ServiceMix, that wires together all the disparate endpoints  
that one needs to support the trading of financial securities.  Some  
of the critical and hard bits are the authentication and authorization  
of counterparties and the management of sessions when coordinating the  
execution of a trade; this is where there is overlap w/ JSecurity.   
Now, FixFlyer has a product named Ki that exercises these counterparty  
networks to make sure they they conform to standards and are secure.

I have deep and wide experience in building such systems and can say  
that I can see where executives who are shopping around for such a  
product can easily become confused with ASF Ki and think that it's the  
open source arm of the FixFlyer, much like Novel's  OpenSUSE.

I'd like someone to come up with a concise argument that would allow  
me to let this go other than "nope, it's not the same".  Otherwise, I  
feel that I need to bring up a vote to put the issue to bed once and  
for all.


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