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From sebb <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Approve the M1 release of Apache Stonehenge (Second try)
Date Thu, 21 May 2009 23:48:33 GMT
On 21/05/2009, Selvaratnam Uthaiyashankar <> wrote:
> Hi,
>  The Apache Stonehenge community has voted for the M1 release of Apache
>  Stonehenge. We are now asking the approval from the Incubator PMC to
>  publish the release.
>  Stonehenge is a set of example applications for Service Oriented
>  Architecture that spans languages and platforms and demonstrates best
>  practise and interoperability.
>  I have uploaded the Apache Stonehenge M1 release artifacts here:

Sigs and hashes OK.
Binary tgz and zip archives agree with each other.
Source tgz and zip archives agree with each other.

N&L files appear to be in place.

However, the source archives don't agree with SVN.

Apart from the missing Ruby files (I think this is because they are
not ready for release?), the source archive does not have the
documentation source files. The generated site files are included
instead. [The binary archive correctly contains the generate site

There does not appear to be any documentation on how to build the
binary release from the source.

The README refers to installation instructions on the Wiki, which is fine.
However it should mention that the archives contain PDFs of the Wiki pages.

The build file for the .NET code assumes that the code is being built
from SVN, and tries to update the current directory. This is not
appropriate for a source code archive, which should be self-contained
(apart from any 3rd party dependencies, which should be documented.).
The build file should check that any required environment variables
are set up and exit with an error if not. Also any required settings
should be documented somewhere, preferably in the script as well as in
the top-level README or BUILDING file.

>  The key is here:
>  RAT reports are here:
>  This release is tagged at:
>  The release vote on the stonehenge-dev mailing list resulted in
>  *eight* +1 votes and no 0 or -1 votes.
>  +1 votes are from
>  *Kent Brown
>  *Ben Dewey
>  *Kamaljit Bath
>  *Nandana Mihindukulasooriya
>  *Abu Obeida Bakhach
>  *Chintana Wilamuna
>  *Paul Fremantle
>  *Selvaratnam Uthaiyashankar
>  This includes one IPMC vote from:
>  *Paul Fremantle
>  Vote Mail Thread is here:
>  Previous attempt on general@incubator list is here:
>  More information about the project can be found here:
>  [Incubation Status Page]
>  [Project Page]
>  Please vote to approve this release.
>  [] +1 Publish
>  [] +0
>  [] -0
>  [] -1 Don't publish
>  Regards,
>  Shankar
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