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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: Apache JSecurity/Ki rename - please submit suggestions!
Date Mon, 25 May 2009 04:55:59 GMT
Les Hazlewood wrote:
> We look forward to all name suggestions, and we appreciate anyone who wishes
> to participate!

Another solution is to invent a new word.

I devised a tool to create new names.
It has recently been accepted as a new project at Apache Labs [1].
"Using existing relevant words as a starting point, Penihip
applies a specified offset number of characters to shift along the
alphabet, thereby creating new words. The consonants and vowels are
shifted within their own set. Therefore the generated words are more
likely able to be spoken."

Encrypting a word seems especially relevant for a security-related project.

My choice is "Tidasif".

This comes from the word "Secured" using an offset of one character.
So "S" becomes "T", "e" becomes "i", "c" becomes "d", etc.

Searching the net for "+tidasif" gives 3 hits, all nonsense.

Alternatively "Tidasi" (from "Secure"). That is more
pronouncable and memorable, which is another quality to
look for in a name. However, search finds some uses of the
name, also when combined with "security".

Try it yourself. A fun way to waste some more time on names.

[1] New Lab Request: Penihip - a name generator


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