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From Christian Grobmeier <>
Subject Re: Getting Log4PHP going again.
Date Sat, 21 Mar 2009 15:29:47 GMT

> Basically, I'm offering to step in and do the admin/patch-work that needs to
> happen to keep it ticking along etc. We have Christian Grobmeier waiting in
> the wings providing patches etc, using the mailing lists and Issue Tracker
> (on his lonesome currently) and I don't want to see him get bored and go
> away.

thank you very much for jumping in and your help!

> So, what is the way forward here, I'm thinking we need 2 new mentors - as
> long as Jim is happy to remain the third. the two committers mentioned can
> go also. I'm happy to jump in as committer and do the stuff of applying
> patches, updating the website, the status page, getting the ball rolling on
> looking forwards to an initial incubator release.
> Advice welcome, can we do something about this soon?

The log4php code is quite stable, but since the last big changes some
time has gone. PHP4, in which the code has been written, has reached
the end of its life in august 2008. No development will be done here.

I really think that we should finish the development of the php4
branch in log4php too and just do bugfixes, if necessary. For the php4
branch could have a incubator release quite soon, i guess.

We should concentrate in PHP5 and for this we need helping hands and a bit time.

I really think that we can get lots of patches like the Shindig
community does. But to get this ball rolling, we need to tell people
what they can contribute. I consider a Wiki the best place to document
the roadmap. Can log4php have a Wiki please?

I keep on getting personal messages from interested PHP-developers. If
we would have a wiki I could tell them what tasks need to be done. Of
course I have pointed em to the mailinglists. But it looks like
PHP-devs are a shy folk :-)

I also asked on the log4php list if there are interested people for
the GSoC. If it is possible for an incubation project to participate,
maybe somebody can help me to get this introduced in the apache way.

Best regards,

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