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From Christian Grobmeier <>
Subject Re: March 2009 Incubator Board Report
Date Mon, 16 Mar 2009 17:39:22 GMT

> = Log4php =
> Log4php failed to report.
> Log4php has been in the Incubator since 2004, and was retired once already,
> then reviewed by new interest appeared.  Reviewing the mailing list, Log4php
> appears to still be very much a one person project, with Christian Grobmeier
> as the sole participant.  I see no sign of a user community, nor a developer
> community.  Is there any thought on what should be the discposition of the
> project?  Apache Labs?  Something else?

as allready said, I tried to get contact to Log4PHP. The only one who
responded is one of the mentors. But besides that, some other people
mailed me (directly, unfortunatly) and claimed that they tried to
commit patches, but never get heard by any developer.
I strongly believe that log4php CAN have a community, but must do lots
of codework.

Currently I use log4php at another PHP framework (PIWI) hosted at
google code and really would enjoy if the project continues.
Addiotionally I would enjoy if the PHP community at apache would grow.

Unfortunatly I am not a committer at apache, even when I am
contributing to Apache Commons Compress. Otherwise I would volunteer
to get committ access to this repository and try to keep it alive.
Since I am the only one interested in this project at the moment, I
would consider it dead otherwise.

Best regards,

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