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From Samul Kevin <>
Subject Re: March 2009 Incubator Board Report
Date Tue, 17 Mar 2009 08:15:00 GMT
It's totally my fault for not hand in the report in time. Though the page is
closed, i fill it and hope that would compensate.


2009/3/17 Noel J. Bergman <>

> After last month's report, the Incubator has started the process of
> recognizing the dormant status of projects that are in that condition.
> The most serious issue that happened this past month is recorded in the
> Empire-DB report, the gist of which is that a Committer had provided a
> third-party with his SVN credentials.  That issue is covered in detail
> below.
> BlueSky, Cassanda, Log4PHP, and Shindig all failed to report.  Comments are
> below, in-line with each project.
> ----
> Individual Project Status:
> = Bluesky =
> Bluesky failed to report.
> Reviewing their mailing list, there is activity in the project, just no
> report.
> = Cassandra =
> Caasandra failed to report.  They did recognize and discuss the need for a
> report, but failed to provide one, anyway.
> The Cassandra Project is a distributed storage system for managing
> structured/unstructured data while providing reliability at a massive
> scale.
> = Click =
> Click is a page and component oriented Java web framework.
> Click has been incubating since July 2008.
> Tasks completed since December:
>  * Replaced all incompatible licensed libraries
>  * Click 2.0.1 was released from the Apache Incubator
>  * New JIRA was created and issues imported from old version
> Top priorities:
>  * Review the current diversity in the developer community
> = Empire-db =
> This is an out of schedule board report, that the Incubator PMC asked us to
> provide due to the following incident:
> === The situation ===
> A committer "C" of Empire-db had the idea to create and provide an example
> application that demonstrates how to use Apache Empire-db together with
> Apache CXF. Initially he intended to write the code himself, but then he
> found himself too busy and never really got around doing it. So he decided
> to ask a student S instead to write the code for him using his templates
> and
> ideas. S then wrote the code with a little aid of C and he got paid for it.
> The work contract S had with C said that all rights over the code would
> exclusively belong to C.
> When the coding was finished, C asked S to submit the code using his Apache
> SVN account. For that C temporarily logged S in from within Eclipse to SVN
> on one of C's computers (Please note: the login was performed by C the
> password itself was not given to S). C then also asked S subscribe and
> write
> to the Empire-db-dev mailing list to resolve problems he had with the Maven
> project layout. C believed that all actions taken were legitimate and in
> the
> best interest of the project and the ASF.
> === The issues ===
> When a Mentor of the Empire-db project became aware of this transaction, he
> raised strong concerns regarding the following two issues:
>  1. Legal concerns that an ICLA from S would be required for the code that
> was contributed.
>  2. Security concerns, whether access to the SVN could have been abused by
> S
> or the password for the SVN account for C could have been revealed by S.
> Furthermore he pointed out, that sharing an account - even temporarily - is
> not approved by the community and hence must under no circumstances be
> repeated.
> These concerns were also forwarded to the Incubator private mailing list,
> where the actions taken by C also upset many people. There was a clear
> verdict, that the mentor's concerns and disapproval were shared by everyone
> else.
> C was surprised by the reaction of the Incubator PMC and defended himself
> with the following arguments:
>  1. Since C is the exclusive legal owner of all rights over the code that
> was submitted, only he could contribute it to the ASF anyway. Hence an ICLA
> for S is from a legal point of view not required, even though he might be
> the originator.
>  2. It is very unlikely and there is absolutely no reason to believe that
> the account has been abused or compromised by S in any way, since the login
> was only valid for the actual Eclipse session. For people of the same
> company, working in the same LAN, there might be technically easier ways of
> compromising an account. Even so he takes full responsibility for
> everything
> that is or was done under his account.
> C posted his statements on the Empire-db private mailing list and it is
> unclear whether all people interested in this subject had the opportunity
> to
> read these arguments.
> The respondents were not all convinced by these arguments and the legal
> issue still has not been fully resolved. However, still there is a strong
> common agreement on the disapproval of account sharing.
> === The resolve ===
> C acknowledges and respects the opinion of the community. As far as the
> sharing of this account is concerned, he publicly assures not to repeat it
> with any of this Apache accounts.
> In order to resolve any remaining concerns the following actions were taken
> by C and S as requested from the Incubator board:
>  1. S has signed and submitted an ICLA to the ASF.
>  2. C has changed this SVN password
> = ESME =
> Enterprise Social Messaging Experiment (ESME) is a secure and highly
> scalable microsharing and micromessaging platform that allows people to
> discover and meet one another and get controlled access to other sources of
> information, all in a business process context.
> ESME entered the incubator in 2008-12-02.
> Community:
>  * Additional community members have submitted their iCLA with the aim of
> becoming more involved
>  * Siemens press release about ESME, reviewed by the Apache PRC and
> published at
> Development:
>  * Somewhat reduced activity last month, and questioning as to why this is
> happening.
>  * Good progress on the Twitter API, implementation nearly finished.
> Top 2 or 3 things to resolve prior to graduation
>  * Move all collaboration to the esme-dev mailing list
>  * Increase community involvement in the project
>  * Provide instructions for people to build, install and evaluate EMSE by
> themselves
> = Etch =
> Etch was accepted into Incubator on 2 September 2008.
> Etch is a cross-platform, language- and transport-independent framework for
> building and consuming network services. The Etch toolset includes a
> network
> service description language, a compiler, and binding libraries for a
> variety of programming languages.
> We've prepared a bug fix release (1.0.2) which has been submitted for an
> incubator vote. The 1.0.2 release also includes updated licensing
> information in compliance with Apache standards. A 1.1 release with proper
> package and namespace changes is being prepared as well. The 1.1 release
> will also include experimental code for a c and python binding.
> Our problem with finding a home for our continuous build continues. Various
> plans have been proposed and failed due to lack of a Windows-friendly c#
> build environment. While we will continue for awhile to host this build at
> Cisco, we need to find a more neutral and open place to do public builds.
> Cisco folks continue to be the primary source of discussion and commits.
> There are some external nibbles, but none that are ready to pitch-in in a
> serious way yet. More work needs to be done on the web site to make steps
> to
> participation more evident. Work also needs to be done on the build
> environment to make it a bit more forgiving.
> Outstanding items:
>  * Check and make sure that the papers that transfer rights to the ASF been
> received...
>  * Check and make sure that the files that have been donated have been
> updated to reflect the new ASF copyright...
>  * Check and make sure that for all code included with the distribution
> that
> is not under the Apache license...
>  * Check and make sure that all source code distributed by the project is
> covered by one or more of the following approved licenses...
> = Hama =
> Hama has been incubating since 19 May, 2008. It is a parallel matrix
> computational package based on Hadoop Map/Reduce.
> Recent developments:
>  * We constructed interfaces of matrix and vector.
>  * We implemented sparse/dense matrix-matrix multiplication and dot
> products.
>  * We implemented shell and user can use shell to manage matrices.
>  * We start implementation of the sparse matrix and sparse graph which is a
> graph with sparse matrix.
> Required before graduation:
>  * More practical examples of matrix manipulation
>  * Increase community size and activity
>  * First Apache release
> = Kato =
> Kato was accepted into the Incubator on 6 November 2008.
> Kato is a project to develop the Specification, Reference Implementation,
> and TCK for JSR 326: the JVM Post-mortem Diagnostics API
> Recent Activity:
>  * The corporate CCLA has been received by ASF.
>  * Initial code contribution has been contributed.
> The following is planned for next reporting period:
>  * Contributed code to be built.
>  * API Java doc to be built and put onto website.
>  * Development of reference implementation (RI) of Kato API.
>  * Development of working TCK.
> = Log4php =
> Log4php failed to report.
> Log4php has been in the Incubator since 2004, and was retired once already,
> then reviewed by new interest appeared.  Reviewing the mailing list,
> Log4php
> appears to still be very much a one person project, with Christian
> Grobmeier
> as the sole participant.  I see no sign of a user community, nor a
> developer
> community.  Is there any thought on what should be the discposition of the
> project?  Apache Labs?  Something else?
> = OpenWebBeans =
> !OpenWebBeans will be an ASL-licensed implementation of the Web Beans
> Specification which is defined as JSR-299.
> !OpenWebBeans entered the incubator in October 26, 2008. The following
> items
> have been made after the last report
>  * We have got a new committer who is Mark Struberg.
>  * We released the M1 version
>  * We published our new site via Maven
> Belows are the next steps for coming days;
>  * We will release the M2 version.
>  * We will create additional documentation in the project web site.
>  * We will implement additional examples that show the usage of the
> OpenWebBeans
>  * We will continue to attract new committers into the project.
> = Pivot =
> Pivot is an open-source platform for building rich internet applications in
> Java.
> Pivot was accepted into incubation on the 26 January 2009.
> The Pivot community missed the last report, largely due to after acceptance
> a period of 'no action' ensued. The Pivot project has now taken off. One
> initial committer is lost in action and has been removed from the initial
> committer list, as well as the couple of patches that he supplied has been
> reverted.
> The remaining 4 committers have submitted CLAs, accounts has been created,
> authorization setup, Jira has been created, Confluence space has been
> created, and we are soon to do the initial codebase submission. All
> activities of setting up the podling has been tracked in
> = RAT =
> After a long quiet period, there seems to have been a definite change of
> momentum. A major stumbling block has been the absence of released version
> of the codebase after the move to Apache. Once this has happened, it should
> be possible to start on some more interesting topics.
> Preparation of a 0.6 release ongoing (and looking good). Hopefully due in
> April.
> The scan code that generates (by
> auditing
> the distribution directories) is probably just about good enough for wider
> distribution and use by other projects at Apache. This will be targeted for
> release before May.
> Discussions are ongoing about a Google SoC originating in Harmony but more
> naturally in scope at RAT
> Top Issues Before Graduation:
>  1. ATM RAT is too small for a TLP but not clearly in scope for any
> existing
> TLPs
>  2. Regain momentum
> = River =
> River is aimed at the development and advancement of the Jini technology
> core infrastructure. Jini technology is a service oriented architecture
> that
> defines a programming model which both exploits and extends Java technology
> to enable the construction of secure, distributed systems which are
> adaptive
> to change. River has been incubating since December 2006.
> The River project is not doing well. Practically all original committers
> are
> inactive and while there are interested users and even some pretty active
> discussions about the future of River, that interest isn't showing up as
> patches or other more constructive contributions.
> We've seen some effort towards making the QA test suite more accessible,
> and
> there is interest in doing another release. However, nobody is actively
> working on new features or bigger improvements. It has been suggested that
> River needs a major new vision, but it's debatable whether that would do
> better as a fresh new project. In any case nobody is actively pushing for
> anything like that.
> There is still hope for River, but at this rate the project is heading for
> termination.
> Issues before graduation:
>  * Re-activate the development community
>  * Migrate packages to org.apache.river
>  * Another Apache release
> = Shindig =
> Shindig failed to report.
> Reviewing the Shindig mailing list shows considerable activity, with in the
> realm of 1000+ messages per month.
> = Stonehenge =
> Stonehenge was accepted in December 2008
> Stonehenge continues to make progress. There is now code committed for
> Ruby,
> PHP, Axis2/Java and .NET. We are working on the wiki documentation on how
> to
> get started and run the samples. Sun are working on an implementation for
> Metro and we hope to get some contribution from Apache CXF too. Discussion
> and mailing lists are slowly getting into place and the SVN and JIRA are
> all
> in place and being used.
> Main Activities:
>  * .NET Stock Trader code contributed
>  * Java and PHP Stock Trader code contributed
>  * New tree structure for all contributions created
>  * All existing code moved from contrib to trunk
>  * new committers from SUN Microsystems identified and came online
>  * Goals and exit criteria of Milestone 1 release being defined.
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