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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: new tool "clutch" assist oversight of all podlings
Date Fri, 07 Nov 2008 00:25:21 GMT
Clutch is now is now doing most of what i originally

I am now away for the weekend. To those at ApacheCon,
enjoy your closing phase.

If OpenWebBeans or Tashi can add themselves to the
i.a.o/projects/ table, then someone could run Clutch
again to pick up those and other changes.

It seems a little slow at the moment while doing the
'svn log' for each project's status file.


David Crossley wrote:
> I recently found that some new projects get a little
> lost at the acceptance phase. Also we have a large
> number of projects in Incubation (36) which is becoming
> difficult to keep in touch. We need to be able to see
> at a glance the status of the set of podlings.
> I developed a tool called "clutch". Below are some notes
> from its generated web page.
> The coloured summary table is intended to encourage
> and nuture.
> -------------
> Clutch is a tool which gathers details about projects
> currently in incubation.
> It reads the Wiki page at ReportingSchedule then builds a
> list of projects, adds some attributes, does some validation.
> Then it reads the source file for the "projects currently
> in incubation" table, ensures that each new project has an entry,
> adds some more attributes.
> The clutch is the set of eggs which have been laid.
> The mother hen (our Incubator PMC) needs to continually
> gather them, to ensure that none have rolled from the nest
> or moved to the outside, being forgotten or becoming cold.
> Clutch also means to grasp eagerly.
> So please interpret this table from the point-of-view of
> encouragement and nurture.
> Anything "red" is an issue that should be addressed ASAP.
> The "orange" means that they are new and on the monthly
> reporting schedule. Otherwise we are looking for healthy
> "gold" yolks. Cooling off into the "murk" also needs attention.
> Data files are also generated so that other tools can easily
> re-use the metadata for the set of projects currently in incubation.
>   * clutch.txt - list of project names, one per line.
>   * Structured list of various details. Not yet happening
>     - need to decide which format (N3, DOAP, etc.) and which
>       attributes to be stored.
> Any Incubator committer can run 'clutch'. In the top-level of
> the "incubator" SVN, do: 'python' which will generate
> a source xml file in "site-author" directory. Then build and
> deploy the site as normal.
> -------------
> It is my first foray into Python. Please improve my attempt.
> That language was chosen as it seems to have all necessary
> facilities available without needing additional dependencies.
> So all Incubator committers should be able to utilise the tool.
> Later i found INCUBATOR-78 which sees some other issues.
> Clutch addresses some of them.
> -David
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