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From Jason van Zyl <>
Subject Re: [RESULT] [VOTE] [POLICY] Allow extra release distribution channels like the central Maven repository
Date Fri, 03 Oct 2008 11:40:23 GMT

On 2-Oct-08, at 9:19 PM, Noel J. Bergman wrote:

> Emmanuel Lecharny wrote:
>> Better a bad decision than no decision, otherwise, soon, nobody will
>> vote anymore...
> Not really.  Consider that there appears to be a clear consensus  
> that if
> Maven were to fix the download situation, requiring that users  
> approve the
> user of Incubator artifacts, rather than transparently use them,  
> many of
> the -1 would be +1.

That's unlikely to happen. We're not going to be implementing policy  
enforcement for you.

Our opinion is forming in the Maven PMC that we will not enforce third  
party policy but will adhere to the legal distribution rights set  
forth by the license. All PMC members who have voiced an opinion thus  
far have this opinion, but we are scheduling a call for next week and  
we will have a decision and stated policy shortly. We will keep you  
posted when we reach a decision.

> It appears that the Maven community is finally getting a clue, and  
> we can
> hope for a resolution, perhaps 6 months out or less if they don't  
> falter.
> 	--- Noel
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Jason van Zyl
Founder,  Apache Maven
jason at sonatype dot com

A man enjoys his work when he understands the whole and when he
is responsible for the quality of the whole

  -- Christopher Alexander, A Pattern Language

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