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From Ate Douma <>
Subject Re: What's up with WSRP4J?
Date Fri, 24 Oct 2008 11:47:31 GMT
Bertrand Delacretaz wrote:
> Hi Ate,
> On Fri, Oct 24, 2008 at 12:29 PM, Ate Douma <> wrote:
>> Bertrand Delacretaz wrote:
>>> ...Does that patent issue mean that an ASF release of the WSRP4J would
>>> not be safe from a legal point of view?...
>>> Or is it just that users might be afraid of using it?
>> The patent claim (as it stands right now, but: IANAL) seems to require for
>> any usage an *individual* license, e.g. there is no waver
>> (yet) for the ASF to allow release and distribution without putting this
>> burden onto the end users again.
>> In my view, this would not be in compliance with the ASF license and thus a
>> blocker for an ASF endorsed release...
> Ok, so that looks like the core issue. And if the answer is that a
> release cannot happen within the ASF, I think the code must move
> elsewhere. That does not prevent it from coming back later if the
> issue is resolved.
>> ..Now, end users might or might now be afraid to use it.
>> Its (again in my view, and again: IANAL) questionable to say the least if
>> there would ever be a claim by this one patent holder, but legally
>> it is unclear if/how we can make sure (so nor can the end-users) without
>> having this go to court at least once or get this waver from the
>> acclaimed patent holder....
> Ok.
>>> ...Assuming the legal issue can be worked out, would the portals PMC be
>>> prepared to "adopt" the WSRP4J code and maintain it in the future?
>> Definitely, and we already did (for as much as possible)!
>> AFAIK The Portal PMC accepted long time ago to do so. This was before I
>> became member though and I haven't be able to find concrete references in
>> the mail archives for this....
>> ...But the Portals PMC has taken responsibility for reporting WSRP4J status to
>> the board, the code-base is hosted underneath the portals root folder in svn
>> and the project website is also hosted under
> Ok, so the project's status is kind of weird w.r.t the incubator, but
> I guess we can accept this temporarily based on the legal blocker.
>> ...Note: possibly part of the reason the WSRP4J status reports have not always
>> been delivered is that the separate incubator status reports
>> are not in schedule with the separate Portals status report, and of course
>> that there hasn't been much to report either.
>> But when it was, the *Portals* status reports also included the needed
>> information to the board AFAIK....
> Ok, that clarifies the missing incubator reports. Again, looks like
> the project and code has been de facto accepted by the portals PMC,
> without the incubator being really aware of that.
> Could you maybe add a note to
> with a brief summary
> of the project's status, pointing to this thread? That would help in
> avoiding repeated inquiries.
Will do.

>> ...David Taylor and myself got stuck again on this after a few months, because
>> we are unclear how to proceed and severe lack of time too.
>> It would be great if we can solicit some additional help with this as we
>> definitely would like to resolve this once and for all (no matter the
>> outcome).
>> Both David and myself will be at the ApacheCon so maybe we can setup a
>> meeting then to discuss what can/needs to be done?...
> IMHO as far as the incubator is concerned, your explanations have
> clarified the project's status.
Ok, glad it helped.

> I'm not qualified to discuss the legal issue, so I think a meeting
> only makes sense if ASF people with sufficient legal knowledge can
> participate - the best might be for you to call for volunteers on the
> legal and general@incubator lists, in a separate thread.

> thanks for the follow-ups,
> -Bertrand
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