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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: new tool "clutch" assist oversight of all podlings
Date Tue, 21 Oct 2008 06:52:08 GMT
David Crossley wrote:
> Martijn Dashorst wrote:
> >
> > Really cool, useful and in one word: wow.
> > 
> > Additional features could be
> >  * to scan the svn logs for to see if there's any activity (last week,
> > last month, ever), and by how many different committers
> >  * to scan the dev@ list archives to see if there's any activity (last
> > week, last month, ever)

It now detects whether their mailing lists are started.

Ken Coar's mailing list summaries would be good to tap
into, but they are still awaiting a new home.

> >  * to scan the issue tracker (or issue list) for any action

We need to know which one they use and where it is.

I am considering standardising just that "Bug tracking"
item in the "Project Info" section of each status page.

Not too concerned about the committers lists, as it is
the new committers since acceptance that we more need
to know about. See below.

> >  * to list the number of committers (and growth since incubation
> > started, requires date added column in status file), added in the last
> > quarter, half year, year

To keep this easy for everyone, if project's would use a simple
"News" section in their Status page. For example:
then "clutch" can look for "release" and "new committer" entries.

> > Controversial (could be considered intruding on the mentor role):
> >  * to scan the private@ list archives to see if there's any activity
> > (or more than there should be)
> Other columns could be added. Please add whatever you reckon.
> Some of those features are addressed by some Apache Labs.
> This "Clutch" tool will become rather cumbersome. It would
> be ideal if other tools could focus on specific tasks and
> generate output that can just be gathered by Clutch.
> Now that we have a reliable list of projects in incubation
> (i.e. clutch.txt) other tools have a list to work with.

There is now also a Python "pickle" file containing some
basic attributes of each project. See in
the top-level of SVN incubator/public/trunk


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