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From David Crossley <>
Subject Etch report
Date Tue, 14 Oct 2008 06:28:34 GMT
> = Etch =
> Etch was accepted into Incubator on the 2 September 2008. Since then the
> following items has been completed;
>   * Project STATUS page, navigation and entry in projects/index.html has
> been set up.
>   * Mailing lists has been set up.
>   * Jira project has been set up.
>   * ICLAs for all initial committers has been submitted and recorded.
> We are still waiting for a CCLA from Cisco, where all initial committers
> work.

AFAIK, the individual CLAs are all that is needed to
set up their accounts. If they think that a CCLA is
needed to clarify their situation, then surely that
can follow later.

> We also track all progress
> in JIRA ( which is a lot
> easier than the STATUS page,
> and highly recommended for future recommended use to other podlings.

That is great (thanks for being an exemplar) and it
is obviously useful for you to manage your process.

However i reckon that it is still important to keep
the status page up-to-date. I was recently exited to
read the old proposal, but then became very discouraged
by the state of the Status page.

This is your frontspiece and a useful way to encourage
new developers.


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