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From Rainer Döbele <>
Subject [Report] October Report for Empire-db
Date Sun, 12 Oct 2008 11:43:12 GMT
2008-July Empire-db Incubator status report

Empire-db is a lightweight relational database abstraction layer that provides a database
vendor independent string free SQL generation API and dynamic bean data handling with a special
focus on compile time safety and metadata access.

The main concern of the Empire-db committers in the previous month has been the acceptance
of the first official Apache release by members of the incubator PMC.
Due to legal concerns about the inclusion of two .jar files the distribution was first changed
to go without them which however resulted in compilation problems with the build files provided.
After a long discussion period the two jars which were taken from a Tomcat distribution where
included again and release candidate 2 of Empire-db 2.0.4 and Struts2-extentions 1.0.4 were
again put up for voting. Finally the release got accepted incubator PMC.
The accepted distribution files will now be offered for download from the Empire-db website.
(Yet to be done)

Meanwhile a few improvement and bufixing tasks have already been opened for the upcoming 2.0.5

Besides that the empire-user mailing list is slowly getting used by uses not belonging to
the empire-db development team. A few requests have been answered.

Rainer Döbele

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