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From James Dixson <>
Subject Etch - next step toward incubation?
Date Tue, 23 Sep 2008 19:04:53 GMT
So we had a vote and there were plenty of binding votes for incubation

So now what? Is there supposed to be an acknowledgement by the PMC?

According to the bootstrap section of the Mentor guide here are the steps:

   1. Ensure Mentors are on the IPMC [Mentors]
   2. Initialize project status page [IPMC member]
   3. Start orientation [Prospective committers]
   4. Start CLA and CCLA submission [Prospective committers]
   5. Start IP Clearance [IPMC member]
   6. Request Required Resources
         1. Mailing Lists [Infrastructure Team]
                * Consider and plan transition to official mailing lists
         2. Subversion [IPMC]
         3. Issue Tracking [IPMC]
                * Consider and plan issue tracking transition
   7. Add podling to reporting schedule [IPMC member]
   8. Create website [Prospective committers]
         1. Consider and plan web site transition

I have all of the CLA's and the CCLA ready to send out, should I go ahead
and do that, or should I wait until someone from the PMC actually asks for


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