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From Carsten Ziegeler <>
Subject Promote your project in the Fast Feather Track at ApacheCon US 08
Date Tue, 09 Sep 2008 07:44:58 GMT
Committers, friends, fellow revelers!

We've less than two months to go until ApacheCon kicks off with style in
New Orleans! Are you ready?

Hopefully by now, you've already registered, and you've had a chance to
suss out which sessions you're interested in. You've probably signed in
to CrowdVine to make plans to meet with the people working in your
project - or to follow the people who know where to find the best bars ;-)

But apart from New Orleans nightlife, what could possibly be more
exciting than your Next Big Thing? The Fast Feather Track provides space
for the projects that are just too new or fast-moving to fit in to the
normal CFP. So if you've got the skinny on an Apache Incubator project,
or the lowdown on the Labs, this is your chance for fifteen minutes of fame.

The Fast Feather Track is all about the technology - so whether you're a
novice or a natural at public speaking, there's room for you! Anything
new at The Apache Software Foundation belongs here - whether you're
ready for showtime and want the world to know, or you're still finding
your feet, and just fishing for a few new contributors.

We don't expect that the Fast Feather Track will be set up and nailed
down this far out - we'll try and slot your sessions in somewhere, right
up to the last minute. But if you've already got your ticket, and you
know what you want to talk about, please let us know now, so we can make
sure there's space for everyone.

You'll need to send

 * a title (you can make it vague, if you're not sure whether that
release will make it out the door in time, or you're still arguing over
the project name!),

 * a brief description of what you want to talk about (remember that the
talk is only 15 minutes long - five sentences is probably plenty),

 * and a short bio (if you're already speaking at ApacheCon, you can
skip this step).

to the list.

What do you get out of it? If you send in your details soon, we'll do
our best to make sure they appear in the program - and we'll be able to
make sure that your talk gets printed nicely on the schedule at the
conference. You'll also get bragging rights, kudos and karma - and you
might even pick up a few new groupie^Wcommitters.

ApacheCon New Orleans - are you ready, for just about anything?

Craig & Carsten, your Fast Feather Krewe

(NB Speaking in the Fast Feather Track does not entitle you to the full
range of speaker perks - you'll get a shiny badge, and your bio in the
program, but you won't get your travel, room or registration comped.
Doesn't make it any less fun though, we promise!)
Carsten Ziegeler

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