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From Thomas Fischer <>
Subject Re: AW: [VOTE] apache-empire-db-2.0.3-incubating and apache-empire-struts2-ext-1.0.3-incubating release
Date Tue, 16 Sep 2008 21:00:55 GMT

On Mon, 8 Sep 2008, Jörg Reiher wrote:

> Hello,
> I've got the following questions regarding the KEYS file and the md5+sha hashes for a
> There is actually a KEYS file located at
> Is there something wrong with it or do we have to put it in any other place?

Oops, missed that. Sorry.

> I used gpg to generate the MD5 and SHA hashes. The output of gpg differs from what would
be produced by md5sum, because gpg formats the values with blanks between each HEX-String,
md5sum doesn't.
> Is this a problem? If so, the Apache guideline should take this into account (

I am not sure whether it is a real problem, but in my opinion it is more 
convenient to have the standard format. And as most people are in a hurry 
nowadays, convenience is important.



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