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From William Sobel <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Names for the Web2.0kit
Date Mon, 22 Sep 2008 23:35:37 GMT

On Sep 22, 2008, at 10:14 AM, Janne Jalkanen wrote:

> Just in case nobody mentioned this to you yet: "Olio" is the Finnish  
> word for "object" as in "object relational database" or "object- 
> oriented programming".  You may or may not find this suitable. :-)
> Unfortunately, it also means that there are quite a few Finnish IT  
> companies with the word "olio" in their name.  Also, "" is  
> owned by a Finnish web design company (though they haven't put  
> anything on it yet).  Again, this may or may not be suitable. :-/

I vote for Olio. I doubt if we'll find any string of sounds that won't  
be in use someplace. Apache is widely used for many corporations and  
this doesn't seem to be an issue. I think the OO relationship is a  

Best Regards,
Will Sobel
Visiting Lecturer
RADLab - UC Berkeley

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