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From "Noel J. Bergman" <>
Subject Photogallery project ideas and mailing list
Date Thu, 03 Jul 2008 01:53:57 GMT
> Can you dive into the idea a little more about not providing a
> backend storage mechanism for the photo gallery?

Actually, it isn't an idea.  I was simply asking a question of where the
project will "hang its hat(s)" and where it will be flexible.  What are its
defining points, and where is it open to multiple options?

> Wouldn't JCR give you the option of not having a rigid backend but be more
> flexible?

JCR, while it can use multiple storage backends, still sets the data model,
i.e., it would be a JCR-based content repository, not (for example) a
relational database model.

It seems to me that the surface of the project at least starts with:

  - URI design (REST interface)
  - Content Model
  - Interface API (for non-REST access)

If people want to discuss this further, why don't we move the discussion
from general@ to, where it can simmer until
people are ready to call for a vote?  That should alleviate your concern
about wanting to have in-depth discussion without unduly burdening the
general list.

	--- Noel

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