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From Doug Cutting <>
Subject Re: [PROPOSAL] Tashi
Date Wed, 23 Jul 2008 18:10:15 GMT
Henning Schmiedehausen wrote:
> - Are the proposed committers,  people "assigned to work on the project"
> or are they genuinely interested in this software.

Those are not necessarily disjoint sets.  Folks who are "assigned" are 
frequently also "genuinely interested", and vice versa.

> IAW, will they stick around or leave as soon as they are reassigned to
> other projects or their grants run out?

Folks who are "genuinely interested" often lose interest over time, and 
folks who are "assigned" are often long-term contributors who even 
change employers and are "re-assigned" to work on the same project, 
i.e., are hired for their familiarity and involvement with the project. 
  Nearly everyone on Hadoop from Y! was initially assigned.  Most have 
found it a plum assignment.  A few have moved on, some to Hadoop-related 
jobs at other companies.

> The wording for the Yahoo! "slot" sounded to me like there has been a
> decision at management level that CMU, Intel and Yahoo! want to do some
> work on that subject and they like to have the soft, warm glow of
> Apacheness on their effort for a (PR?) reason.

There's no conspiracy here to steal Apacheness.  Rather, Yahoo!, Intel 
and CMU would like to collaborate on open source software.  Intel and 
CMU have a prototype, and Yahoo! is interested in helping to develop 
this further.  All three believe that other parties will also be 
interested in this software.  Apache is a good home for collaborative, 
open-source software projects, no?

Also, if Tashi doesn't garner a diverse, active set of contributors in 
the incubator, it will die a slow death with little harm done.

> So there is an engineer
> from each group assigned to "work on this" until further notice. From
> thirteen names on the proposal, only two will be committers? I know
> about Doug, who are the other ten?

Several are managers that contributed to the proposal.  They control 
budgets that will pay contributors.  Should they remove their names?

> That is not exactly the kind of project that we want. The whole Tashi
> proposal sounds to me like an abstract to a scientific paper, which has
> the tendency that as soon as the paper is done, the interest in the
> subject goes down.

That is certainly not my understanding.  The intent as I understand it 
is to build cluster management software that will actually be used to 
manage clusters.  Yahoo!, my employer, has many clusters and seeks 
better software to manage them.


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