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From Roland Weber <>
Subject Re: Jt Pattern Oriented Framework (looking for champion/mentors)
Date Tue, 22 Jul 2008 04:22:01 GMT
David S (or rather Ed) wrote:
> Community
> One of the next objectives is to continue growing an active community of
> users and contributors. It is expected that community will continue to grow.

So you already have an active community of users and contributors?
Any public record of that? Names and/or numbers?

> Orphaned products: The projects has been growing as an open source project
> for several years. The team is committed to continue this work therefore
> the risk is fairly small.

Names or numbers on "the team"? Public records of the growing?
The CVS mails show no relevant activity before October 2007,
nor afterwards.

> Homogenous developers: The people involved with the project work for
> several  organizations who are geographically distributed across the world.

The only account used on the project site is "wwwfswcom",
an obvious reference to a website that seems to belong to
a software consulting company.
Can you give some details on "distributed across the world"?
Number of people by country or continent, for example?

> Reliance on salaried developers: This project does not rely
> on salaried  contributors. They work on a volunteer basis.

Is the above mentioned software consulting company aware of
the fact that a diverse team of volunteers is indirectly
referencing its website when releasing open source software?

> Project information and complete documentation/sources can be downloaded from 
> forums and mailings lists are not used.

So which forums and/or mailing lists do you use?
As far as I can see you didn't use the CVS repo either,
except for index.html and one drop of code in October 2007.


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