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From "Jihoon Kim" <>
Subject Request for assistance in incubating an Alchemy project
Date Sat, 21 Jun 2008 21:43:09 GMT

My name is Jihoon Kim and I was hoping if I could get some guidance in
incubating a project. I have read through various Wikipages and I do
have some idea of what must be done to incubate a project, move it to
a state of a podling, and finally have it promoted. But though I do
have a rough understanding of the process, I was hoping to get Mentors
and Champions in helping us implement them.

The project that I had planned is Alchemy project, which will allow
additional Web 2.0 technologies as JSF component libraries. First set
of component libraries to include within this project is the bridge
between Flex and JSF, as can be seen within the following JIRA link

Initially, I thought to contribute it as a patch to MyFaces, but since
the size of the contribution was rather large and I was the sole
developer, MyFaces PMCs have directed me to the Incubator to incubate
it as component library under Alchemy project. Then when the project
has matured and have gathered enough community members to sustain the
maintenance of the code, they said they would consider having it as a
subproject under the MyFaces main project.

In a nutshell, the contribution is to give users capability in
creating Flex components as JSF components. So users users would
create the components as normal JSF components and the contribution
will create the necessary SWF files and etcetera and link the values
of the components back to the managed beans using JSON+JavaScript and
ActionScript. So all users would need is a Jar of the component
library and they would be able to create Flex applications by creating
normal JSF components. The contribution will then bind the data from
managed beans to components within the created SWF file.

Further detail regarding the project has been written up within the
following proposal :

Current members who are interested in participating in this project are :
    myself [Jihoon Kim]
    Hazem Saleh [committer within MyFaces]
    Glauco P. Gomes [developer within MyFaces]
    Matthias Wessendorf [who has suggested in helping out as a mentor/champion]
    my coworkers

I think that this integration will be an interesting one that users
can use to create Web 2.0 applications beyond the method of
JavaScript. Also since I think that this is one of the areas that has
lots of potential, I think with time there will be additional
components/ideas related to the contribution that will be brought
forth [i.e. possible handling of requirement of flash in user's
browsers {rendering it as a Dojo, HTML, or Flash depending on user's
browser setting}].

During the discussion of this contribution within the MyFaces mailing
list, many have shown positive interest in the project providing good
sign that the components libraries will be used by developer
community. Also the integration will possibly reduce number of
discussion in various mailing list of "JSF vs Flex" and will allow
developers to create simple Flex application without purchasing
FlexBuilder and learning of the technology.

MyFaces PMCs have confirmed that there aren't any legal issues for the
Flex and JSF integration by pinging the legal mailing list.

Thank you!!!


Ji Hoon Kim

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