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From "William A. Rowe, Jr." <>
Subject Re: CCLA question.
Date Wed, 25 Jun 2008 16:55:58 GMT
Edward J. Yoon wrote:
> Hello IPMC,
> The employee list of NHN's CCLA contains only two (Edward J. Yoon,
> Donguk Choi) except Suh and Joosun. Then, What happen by a lack of not
> having everyone on the CCLA?
> Can't we release the hama? or Can't we open the TLP vote?

IIUC, Suh and Joosun from your company came on to your project.  They
signed a contract with the ASF, as Committers, and committed code that
they represent they have the proper ownership or rights to offer to the
ASF under the Apache License.

If they didn't because of their contracts with your company, that then
would be misrepresentation.  But let's for the moment assume that everything
is in place, there are two possible outcomes;

  * everything is fine, their employement contract permitted them to make
    these contributions.

  * everything is not fine and these employees who caused the problem
    by committing code against their contract with NHN simply asks the
    company to submit a revised CCLA.  Simple to fix.

That's really between all of the NHN employees, NHN itself and the ASF,
but it's really not a topic for the general@ list.  Please contact the
private@incubator list to deal with such issues.

Your CCLA is for *YOUR* protection to disambiguate the representations
*YOU* make to the ASF in your CLA.  The incubator is not concerned with
correlating contributor:ccla.  That's your responsibility.


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