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From "Frank W. Zammetti" <>
Subject Re: [PROPOSAL] Incubate JSecurity Project
Date Sun, 08 Jun 2008 14:30:45 GMT
Noel J. Bergman wrote:
> I also see that JSecurity web support relies on a return to
> application-level security based on a filter, rather than rely on container
> management, which has evolved as a cornerstone of Java programming.  The
> reliance on a filter is probably because JSecurity is not (yet?) integrated
> with the Java standards in the security space.
I've been watching this proposal because I'm very interested in 
JSecurity as a whole, but I think Noel raises an interesting point 
here.  At least in Websphere, you can have container-managed security on 
the method-level for EJBs, which doesn't have to be called form a 
webapp, so a filter-based approach couldn't provide this.  I'd LOVE to 
be able to get rid of IBM's security subsystem and replace it with 
JSecurity, but if it can't allow the same sort of thing then I can't do 

Is that capability, or lack thereof, a limitation inherent in the 
approach JSecurity has taken, or is it just a case of a feature that is 
planned for down the road?


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