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From Angela Cymbalak <>
Subject RE: photo gallery software (previously called Caitrin)
Date Mon, 30 Jun 2008 21:04:50 GMT
At 04:32 PM 6/30/2008, Noel wrote:
> > I am convinced that Jackrabbit is the direction to go for the
> > mid-tier of the application.
>My only question is whether or not we lose anything from that decision, but
>if I didn't think that the JCR was the right way to go, I wouldn't have
>brought it up.

I don't think we loose anything.  If I am reading the spec correctly 
for the JCR, we actually gain.  Instead of dictating the storage 
mechanism we can easily give a choice.  We can give a default storage 
mechanism (I would say the filesystem because everyone already has 
it) but if someone wants to replace that with a database or anything 
else they can.  We gain a lot of flexibility that allows the 
application to be small and compact for a personal application, but 
the scalability that will make it a viable enterprise option.

> > I just haven't figured out how Sling may play into that
>RESTful interface and ready-made framework for building applications that
>use the project, perhaps even substantial parts of the project, itself?

+1, if you are convinced that a RESTful interface is the way to 
go.  I am mostly convinced it is a good way to go because there are 
large portions of the project that are already done if we go that 
way.  As with your question above: do we lose anything by going with 
a RESTful interface?  I haven't thought of anything and since I can't 
disprove it....


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