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From Angela Cymbalak <>
Subject photo gallery software (previously called Caitrin)
Date Tue, 24 Jun 2008 18:09:08 GMT
Hi All,

I haven't forgotten about wanting to create an open source Photo 
Gallery and there has been some sporadic interest as I have discussed 
it.  A quick update as to where we are at for anyone who is interested.

1.  Name change....
No one but me knows where the name Caitrin came from and it isn't 
obvious what the software would do.  A proposed solution (thanks Noel 
for the path suggestion) would be PhosLibrarius

2. Code Bases
There are 2 code bases that we can draw from and discard that I have 
heard of.  Always a good start

3. Design
Right now thought is being put into the high level design to improve 
the Proposal.  The current proposal is bad.  I take credit for that 
because I haven't done the Apache thing before and I am tripping all 
over while trying to stay on the right path.  The current thought is 
to defiantly write the application in Java.  Its secure, it scales 
well, we like it.  The thought is to look into Sling and the JCR as 
well as different databases.  I have to do reading on Sling to figure 
out how it all fits together.  Pretty much, we are focusing on the 
back end first with the possibility of a Web service for the front 
end to start.  This lets anyone out there write nice pretty display 
pieces.   I like AJAX as a front end but others who I have talked to 
don't.  We can agree on the Web service for right now.

If anyone has anything that they would like to contribute or if you 
have comments/suggestions about this proposal please let me 
know.  The interest seems to be lurking out there, we just need to 
get it organized.


Angela Cymbalak
Nechtan Design

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