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From "Martijn Dashorst" <>
Subject Re: draft proposal for Caitrin
Date Tue, 06 May 2008 20:02:59 GMT
On 5/6/08, Roland Weber <> wrote:
>  I think the Roller option makes more sense. I doubt that
>  a podling without three committers would even be accepted.

Not true, it is even one of the options on the table when starting a
new project. Start without any committer, and grow the community
through meritocracy. Everybody starts anew in this scenario. This
scenario just doesn't work well for established open source projects
joining the ASF as they typically already have folks with a lot of
merit in their team.

However, starting without committers is a really hard thing. You have
to publicize the heck out of it.

>  Since there are interested people at Roller, you have a chance
>  to grow the community there.

I think that one of the goals of the incubator is to grow podlings to
the point that they can manage themselves. If the goal of this podling
is to become a subproject of roller, then it can join the incubator,
sponsored by the Roller PMC (if the Roller PMC is willing).

Basically I see three options for becoming part of the ASF for this proposal:
 1. become part of the Roller community directly (through the usual
meritocratic process, i.e. help out in the Roller community, provide
patches, etc) and attract more developers there
 2. become a sub project of Roller, but grow the community here
 3. become a top level project, and grow the community here

For 1 you'll need to contact the Roller community and make them
enthousiastic about your project so they'll accept the code (and

For 2 and 3 you'll need to find a Sponsor and a Champion (the Sponsor
is the Roller PMC in #2, and the Incubator PMC in #3), the Champion
can be any Member of the ASF.


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