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From "Julius Davies" <>
Subject [commons-ssl] - incubator / been a long time
Date Sat, 10 May 2008 00:37:03 GMT
Hi, Commons Developers, Incubator,

I've been too busy over the last year to spend much time on incubating
not-yet-commons-ssl, but I just wanted to let you know that I will get
back into it this weekend.  I'll update the proposal (from a year ago
- blush!), and then find out who would still like to be involved.

[untouched for 1 year -- eek!]

I hope that Martin van den Bemt can still be the champion after all
this time.  Henri Yandell recently volunteered to be the mentor.

* * *

Now, totally OT, and unrelated....  would you like better timestamps
on java, say microsecond or nanosecond?  I'm cooking something up.
The people at JSR 310 also know about this:

If you're interested, try downloading the zip file, building it, and
running the little test method, like so:

cd nanotime
java -jar build/nanotime.jar

It should print out something like this: loaded!
2008-05-09/14:11:14.545000000/PDT JavaTime
2008-05-09/14:11:14.545567057/PDT NativeTime1
2008-05-09/14:11:14.545606890/PDT NativeTime2

It's rough around the edges, and the code contains very few comments.
You may need to hack the build file a bit to get it to build properly
on your platform.  So far I've succeeded on building/running on the
following platforms without any fiddling:

Windows XP 32bit
Windows Vista 32bit
Linux 2.6 ppc 32bit
Linux 2.6 x86 64bit
Linux 2.6 x86 32bit
Linux 2.4 x86 32bit
Mac 10.5 x86 32bit
Solaris 10 sparc (64bit? not sure)

It builds and runs against Java4, Java5, and Java6 with no problems.

Some Notes:

* Ant is using <exec> to call gcc.

* The windows platforms need cygwin/mingw to build, but the jar file
created on any platform will run on win32, because I've stored a
pre-built win32 DLL in the zip.

* In other words, no matter what platform you build on, the jar file
will run on 32bit windows.

* The jar file will not run on non-windows unless you build from
source just for your platform.

* The native code is stored in the jar file.  On startup,
copies the native code to ~/.nanotime/, and then loads it.

* Every time it starts up it deletes "~/.nanotime/," and
replaces it with the copy from the jar file.  This way a newer jar
file will (usually) overwrite the older native file.


Julius Davies
250-592-2284 (Home)
250-893-4579 (Mobile)

ps.  I should never send emails that cover more than one topic.....

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