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From David Reiss <>
Subject Re: Thrift Status?
Date Thu, 08 May 2008 19:57:59 GMT
My understanding was that we also needed to get ICLAs from anyone who
has contributed patches to Thrift.  The following people also do not
appear on that page, though I know several of them have sent at least
one copy of their ICLA in:

Andrew Lutomirski
Dan Li
Johan Oskarsson
Kevin Ko
Patrick Collison
Paul Querna
Simon Forman
Todd Berman
William Morgan
Ben Matasar
Jake Luciani
Ben Maurer
Dave Engberg
Igor Afanasyev
Will Palmeri
Craig Kimerer
Ross McFarland
Dan Sully

We also need CCLAs from Powerset, imeem, Amie Street, and Evernote.  Is
there a way to check whether these have been received?

I'm not sure exactly what else needs to go into the software grant
process.  I still have not gotten an answer to my question about our
CCLA.  More Facebook engineers have contributed to Thrift since I first
got it signed, and more are going to in the future.  I cannot go back to
our CEO to get a CCLA signed for each engineer who contributes to
Thrift, so I need to know what other, more scalable options are

I also have not received an answer to my question about SVN.  When
existing projects are moved into Apache, is their full VCS history
normally imported, or just the latest version.  If the former, I will
need to talk to an SVN expert because Thrift's SVN history is a bit

I would love to see JIRA, a website, and Wiki space set up.  I'll send
an email to the current Thrift list asking people to subscribe to the
Apache one after I verify that it works.  By the way, is there a way for
me to view list membership?


Doug Cutting wrote:
> I just compared the initial committers listed in
> to the list of folks who've filed CLAs in:
> and it looks like everyone but Ben Maurer and Jake Luciani have a CLA on
> file.
> I think we should get started creating accounts, JIRA project, svn repo,
> website, etc.  Is anyone else working on this?  If not, any objections
> to me kicking these off?
> Also, has the software grant process yet been started?
> Doug

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