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From Davanum Srinivas <>
Subject Duties of the PMC members
Date Mon, 05 May 2008 20:29:53 GMT
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So, am trying to follow up on some threads i started in other lists. Do we have already have
a list of duties of PMC

Here's my totally non-authoratative take on it. Comments please

#1: Timely and accurate reports based on the rotation schedule in the foundation svn module
#2: Create and maintain a charter that governs the PMC/project(s)
#3: Take decisions affecting progress and health of the projects(s), ensure smooth functioning
and create a conducive
work atmosphere for everyone in the community.
#4: Focus efforts more on community building rather than on code.
#5: Ensure all community members (not just PMC members) participate in decision-making processes
(ex: limit IRC usage,
ban private lists for dev related decisions)
#6: Work with Infrastructure to meet day-to-day requirements of community members.
#7: Interact with other PMC's/Projects to learn best practices, reuse code, increase synergy,
avoid duplication of effort.
#8: Work with the board for refining policies and practices to better serve the needs of the
#9: Work hard to add new individuals to the community, provide mentoring and enable them to
join the PMC.
10: Keep strict watch on legal issues w.r.t copyrights, patents and licenses. Work proactively
with our legal resources
to avoid problems to folks who use our projects.
#11: Be active and be a hands on contributor whether it is commits or JIRA's or answering
questions on user or dev
mailing list.

For the PMC Chair, there are 2 more items:
#1: Consolidate and send report to the board
#2: Grant karma for svn for new committers.

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