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From sebb <>
Subject Re: maven-repository cont.
Date Fri, 30 May 2008 13:04:33 GMT
On 30/05/2008, Brian E. Fox <> wrote:
> I personally think we have conflicting rules in the way we handle
>  incubator releases.
>  On the one hand, we require incubator releases to be in a separate
>  repository... for whatever reason (they aren't part of Apache, they
>  aren't stable enough, etc).
>  On the other hand, we allow regular releases
>  of apache artifacts into the central repository with dependencies on
>  incubator artifacts.

That's wrong, IMO.

>  On many occasions, I've seen this cause people lots of confusion because
>  they update to a new version of an existing artifact and suddenly their
>  build fails to find a dependency. (because the new version is now using
>  an incubating artifact)
>  IMO, things going into the central repository must have their entire
>  transitive hull available in the central repository. Therefore, we must
>  draw one of two conclusions:
>  1.      Incubator releases go into Central


>  2.      Regular releases cannot use Incubator artifacts


>  Since the whole point of the incubator releases is to get some people to
>  use them and prove them out, I say 2 is not really an option.

They can still be tried.

But products should not be released to the repository with a
dependency on incubator releases.

>  If the PMC
>  of a given project tests out an incubator artifact and deems it good
>  enough for a release, then that should be enough....

As has been pointed out before, it's not just about code quality.

AIUI, formal ASF releases have some legal protection for the people
who make the release.
This is not the case if the software has not been formally approved as
an ASF release.

>  But let's make it
>  easier for the users by having those dependencies available.
>  --Brian

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