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From Angela Cymbalak <>
Subject Re: Single committer podlings (was Re: draft proposal for Caitrin)
Date Thu, 08 May 2008 00:33:33 GMT
I must say that this thread has become a very interesting read...

At 04:56 PM 5/7/2008, you wrote:
> >
> >  And spend a lot of time learning about "The Apache Way".
> >  Getting the podling up to speed is no small task for a
> >  single person, even if mentors help with it.
>Well, I think it is beneficial to start with nothing in this regard.
>There are no wrong assumptions and processes in an empty list of
>committers. :-) You can learn it the right way without having to


I could attempt to start Caitrin as an open source project on my own 
and probably do pretty well with it and keep it as a goal to join 
with the ASF.  However, then the community would have to relearn 
everything when joining with ASF.  I'd rather learn it from the 
ground up the right way than have to unlearn something.

> >
> >  I'm concerned about the starting point from which to grow.
> >  Apache committers have the Labs to get started and attract
> >  a few interested people before coming to the Incubator.
> >  A non-committer coming to the Incubator directly faces a
> >  really steep learning curve.
>But that is why the incubator is here. There just needs to be enough
>interest in the podling to get accepted in the incubator. From there
>everything else follows. If there is no champion, sponsor or mentor
>available the podling won't start. And these conditions will only
>become available when someone has an interest in the podling.

There is an extremely large learning curve but everyone starts 
somewhere right?  If you have people willing to show you the ropes 
(mentors) and someone who believes in the project (a champion) and 
the drive to see through your project, then that learning curve is 
made manageable.  I just don't have the guts to do what the JSecurity 
group did and outright ask to recruit a Champion on the list.  I am 
hoping that one of the members takes an interest as I am working on things.


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