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From Thilo Goetz <>
Subject Re: UIMA release - lots of missing SVN eol-style property settings
Date Fri, 11 Apr 2008 05:28:43 GMT
sebb wrote:
> The SVN tag
> has lots of missing SVN eol-style settings. See the file
> in
> This should probably be applied to trunk as well ...
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Hi Sebb,

thanks for looking over our release.

There are a lot of files in your list where not setting
the eol-style property is intentional: all our test files.
Setting eol-style:native would make our tests fail on one
platform or another as they're usually compared to some
expected output, which in turn depends on the exact byte
content of the files.

Unfortunately, there is no (valid) eol-style:none
or such that allows us to make this intention explicit.

For the java code we could set it to native.  We just never
felt the need.  Since we need to be careful with our test
files, we don't follow the automatic eol-style client setup
as recommended.  AFAIK, all UIMA developers use Eclipse
for their development, and Eclipse doesn't care about
eol style (or not that I noticed anyway).

I hope you'll agree that it's up to the project to set an
eol-style policy.  Our policy is not to set the property
unless it's required (e.g., for .sh or .bat files).


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