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From "Martijn Dashorst" <>
Subject Re: Source tar ball != svn tag (was: Re: [VOTE] Approve release CXF 2.0.5-incubator)
Date Fri, 28 Mar 2008 00:42:36 GMT
On 3/28/08, William A. Rowe, Jr. <> wrote:
>  "The PRIOR rules said you place/retain copyright notices on each file.
>   The NEW policy says you can skip that, move them into a NOTICE. The policy
>   *never* granted you the right to remove them altogether, or make the
>   providence of the code impossible to track down by placing it [the NOTICE
>   and LICENSE] in a meaningless location."
>  and wasn't disputed.  Anyone care to try?

"meaningless location" is disputable. Take Wicket for example: we have
different sub projects that are released in one distribution artifact,
and as jars for each sub project into the maven repository. Each sub
project depends on different code under different licenses, with
different notice requirements.

So we keep the particular notice and license file for each sub project
in its root folder, and concatenate them all during the release build
into a big license and notice file.

Keeping them separate in our svn repo is better as each sub project's
maintainer knows when/how/why to update and modify the notice/license
files. When the release is cut, these changes are automatically
incorporated into the big distribution. This also prevents
wicket-spring-1.3.3.jar from having notice attributions from
wicket-guice-1.3.3.jar, which would be rather silly and certainly


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