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From "Martijn Dashorst" <>
Subject Source tar ball != svn tag (was: Re: [VOTE] Approve release CXF 2.0.5-incubator)
Date Thu, 27 Mar 2008 23:39:14 GMT
On 3/27/08, sebb <> wrote:
>  >  This release is tagged at:
>  >
> -1: there should be NOTICE and LICENSE files at the top level in SVN.
>  -1: SVN and the source archive don't agree; there are files and
>  directories in each that are not in the other.

According to my knowledge there is no policy that this has to be so.
The notice and license file MUST be in the src tar ball, but there is
no policy requiring them to be in SVN.

The policy (or rather faq, [1]) states that:

"In particular, every artifact distributed must contain appropriate
LICENSE and NOTICE files."

To the best of my knowledge an svn tag is not an artifact which is distributed.

>  There are lots of files incorrectly marked as executable in SVN, and
>  various other files don't have the correct properties. See attached
>  script.

Again, to my knowledge there is no policy that states that this MUST
or SHOULD be so.



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