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From "Martijn Dashorst" <>
Subject Re: Statements from Qpid mentors would help me decide... [WAS Re: [VOTE] Apache Qpid Graduation as TLP]
Date Tue, 25 Mar 2008 15:38:50 GMT
BTW: found this description at:

On 3/25/08, Martijn Dashorst <> wrote:
> No, committers *don't* have binding votes:
>  Binding Votes
>  Who is permitted to vote is, to some extent, a community-specific
>  thing. However, the basic rule is that only PMC members have binding
>  votes, and all others are either discouraged from voting (to keep the
>  noise down) or else have their votes considered of an indicative or
>  advisory nature only.
>  That's the general rule. In actual fact, things tend to be a little
>  looser, and procedural votes from developers and committers are
>  sometimes considered binding if the voter has acquired enough merit
>  and respect in the community. Only votes by PMC members are considered
>  binding on code-modification issues, however.

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