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From "Bertrand Delacretaz" <>
Subject [DISCUSS] More systematic disclosure of company affiliations
Date Sat, 02 Feb 2008 16:39:16 GMT

Following up on the community diversity discussions of last December
[1], I propose disclosing the company affiliations of podling
committers and mentors more systematically, at the start and end of
the incubation process.

If we agree, I'll start two votes on the following additions to our
policy documents: one vote for 1) and 2) together, and a separate vote
on 3):

Replace the last paragraph "Only the affiliations...bootstrap has been
completed" with this:

As a general rule, podling committers and mentors are requested to
disclose their company affiliations in the proposal.

If someone's involvement in the project is independent of their
company affiliations, they are welcome to mention it.

Providing this information is not mandatory, but it helps in
evaluating the proposal in terms of community diversity.


After the existing paragraph of "The Recommendation Vote", add this:

The vote request sent to the IPMC includes the list of company
affiliations of the graduating podling committers.

The contents of this list are subject to the same rules as the list of
affiliations used in the incubation proposal.

3) Podling reports to the board
I suggest asking for a "community diversity" paragraph in each report,
where the podling indicates where it stands with respect to
establishing a sufficiently diverse community to meet the graduation

I think this reflects our discussions at [1], but let me know if I
forgot something!



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