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From "Bertrand Delacretaz" <>
Subject [DISCUSS] Re-election of podling committers before graduation
Date Sat, 02 Feb 2008 16:22:20 GMT

Following up (finally) on the community diversity discussion of last
December [1], I propose to re-elect podling committers before a
project graduates.

If we agree, I'll start a vote to add the following text after the
"Graduation Process" title at :

*** Podling committers graduation ***
Once a podling is ready to graduate, its committers are re-elected,
according to the ASF's usual meritocracy rules.

The goal is to ensure that all Apache committers have gone through the
"meritocracy filter", which does not apply to people included in a
podling's initial committers list, for obvious reasons.

The suggested process is to have podling committers (and mentors if
they want) self-nominate themselves, indicating why they believe they
should be included in the list of graduated committers. People who
were on the initial list of podling committers, but did not actively
contribute, are expected to step down at this point.

The PPMC votes to accept the nominations, subject to the usual voting
rules for committers.

The podling's mentors lead this process, usually with no involement of the IPMC.

The results of the committers graduation votes are include in the
podling's graduation request.

I think this reflects our discussions at [1], but let me know if I
forgot something!



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