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From "Neng Geng Huang" <>
Subject [PROPOSAL] i18n4data Proposal
Date Fri, 01 Feb 2008 05:24:50 GMT
Hello Dear incubators:

I am Huang Neng Geng. I would like to post my proposal about i18n4data, an
i18n tool for java web application, that I would like to be incubated.

Currently I cannot find any sponsors for this project, so if anyone reading
this message would like to get on board, it will be really appreciated.

I am new to Apache Incubator. This proposal is post here only. I don't know
any other places to post. I will be appreciated if any one could help.

Here follows the proposal.
= i18n4data Project Proposal =
Author: Huang Neng Geng (MailTo:, )
Date: January 2008
Status: .:: D R A F T ::.

Proposal draft

1 Abstract
The i18n4data is a Java i18n library and tool not only for interface
message, but also for user's data.

2 Proposal

The i18n4data (i18n4data means i18n for data) allows an existing web
application designed for single language to support multi languages without
any changes in the data structure and software architecture. It also helps
to simplify the design of new i18n web applications.
The i18n4data supports not only the internationalization of web application
interface message, but also the internationalization of user's data. The
internationalization of user's data is very complex and requires detail
design of data structure and software architecture. By using i18n4data,
application developers simply configure i18n4data only and the application
becomes internationalized.

3 Background

The i18n4data project started three months ago. The idea came from a
customer needs to internationalization an existing ERP system to support
multi languages of user's data, such as product name. By using i18n4data,
the ERP system supports multi languages for all necessarily input fields
now. The i18n4data is not designed for a specific system and may be used
wildly to reduce the complexity of i18n process of web applications.

4 Rationale

Java SDK provides an i18n solution for interface message but didn't provides
any solutions for user's data. Java message bundle technology has following
three disadvantages:
1. It do not support i18n of user's data;
2. It is difficult to maintain the message bundles file, especially the
consistence of message bundles of different languages;
3. It is difficult for end users to change the translations of interface
message. The end users need knowledge about java programming language and
the application code itself.
The i18n4data provides a solution with following advantages:
1. It supports i18n of both interface message and user's data;
2. It is easy of installation, easy of implementation, and easy of use.
3. It supports i18n of user's data without any changes in data structure of
The i18n4data provides an alternative to i18n message bundle technology. It
could not replace existing i18n implementations because i18n4data does not
support format of string, date, time, number, and currency. The i18n4data
and i18n message bundle may work together.

5 Initial Goals

The initial goals are:
* supports i18n of interface message of java web applications;
* supports i18n of user's data of java web applications;
* supports user's data searching in various languages;
* provides an easy way to configure i18n4data;
* provides interfaces for editing messages of various languages;
* provides security control to message edit;
* supports most compliant Servlet or J2EE container.

6 Current Status

===6.1 Meritocracy===

We plan to do everything possible to encourage an environment that supports
a meritocracy.

===6.2 Community===
The i18n4data is a project on SourceForge. It will remain an active
community and continues to grow.

===6.3 Core Developers===

Currently, there is only one core developer. Huang Neng Geng is the main
developer on this project. It is expected that developers from a variety of
existing Apache projects will become part of the team.

===6.4 Alignment===
The i18n4data will likely be widely used by various open source and
commercial projects that have a dependency on Apache Tomcat and other
compliant Servlet or J2EE container. It will work with i18n tag library to
provide a perfect i18n solution.

7 Known Risks

===7.1 Orphaned products===

This project is recently started and has only one developer at present.
There is a risk of being orphaned. But the project is small and the
requirement for i18n of user's data is continues growing. The risk is not
very big.

===7.2 Inexperience with Open Source===
The main developer developed another open source (eOfficeWare) on
SourceForge in 2004.

===7.3 Homogenous Developers===

More developers from a variety of backgrounds and with a variety of needs
are welcome to join this project.

===7.4 Reliance on Salaried Developers===
The i18n4data does not rely on salaried developers.

===7.5 Relationships with Other Apache Products===
The i18n4data will have relationship with Apache log4j project.

===7.6 An Excessive Fascination with the Apache Brand===

The main developer is familiar with Apache and has used more than five
software of Apache project.

8 Documentation

The official documentation will be hosted in a SourceForge website:

9 Initial Source

The official initial source is hosted in a SourceForge website:

10 Source and Intellectual Property Submission Plan

All source code is copyrighted by Huang Neng Geng.

11 External Dependencies

The i18n4data depends on HSQLDB, which is an open source with itself license

12 Cryptography
The i18n4data does not use cryptography in any way.

=== I could not provide following information at present ==
=== to be added later ===
13 Required Resources
13.1 Mailing lists
13.2 Subversion Directory
13.3 Issue Tracking
13.4 Other Resources

14 Initial Committers

15 Affiliations

16 Sponsors
Anyone who would like to be a sponsor are welcome. I will be really
16.1  Champion
16.2  Nominated Mentors
16.3  Sponsoring Entity

Mr. Huang Neng Geng
Associate Professor
Computer Information Engineering Department
Wuxi Institute of Technology
Wuxi, Jiangsu, China, 214073
Tel: 86-510-5414627(8087)
Mobile: 13921501950

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