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From "Brian McCallister" <>
Subject Re: Subversion vs other source control systems
Date Fri, 22 Feb 2008 04:51:39 GMT
FWIW, I quite like both git and mercurial, both give me a better workflow
than subversion for a lot of things I work on. Offline commits, local
branches, and sane merging are *huge*. The approach to distributed repos is
also very nice for folks who do want to maintain a fork elsewhere (forking
isn't evil, it is a very good reaction to needing something slightly
different which the majority (or the powerful) in the base project doesn't

Looking forward to  trying svn 1.5 branch management, though :-) Being able
to repeatedly merge from a branch I didn't branch from will be *huge* (ie,
pull bug fixes from release branches without pulling cruft from trunk from
whence I branched).

I quite accept the practical side of saying "svn only" as long as no one
steps up to manage git or mercurial. Saying "though shalt use svn because it
is the blessed end-all" is BS. Subversion is great, and all, but it also
sucks. Some things suck less for different workflows, some things suck more.
For one-branch development, svn is awesome.

Saying we can have only one "because" is very weak. Can anyone cite specific
problems FreeBSD or Perl have had?


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