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From "William A. Rowe, Jr." <>
Subject [Announce] ApacheCon and FastFeather News for the Incubator
Date Fri, 08 Feb 2008 20:35:57 GMT
Although all of the committers saw this invite, and we really hate to
spam folks, we know there are many contributors-not-yet-committers in
the incubator who might be interested in promoting your favorite podling,
so we are also reaching out to you all!

We hope you already are considering attending ApacheCon EU 2008! This week
it was announced that early registration discounts are NOW EXTENDED until
15 FEBRUARY, so you have a full week, still, to save a good number of euro
on your registration!  Check out <>

But this is going to you now, because we are opening solicitations for the
FastFeather Track in Europe  What's more exciting than tomorrows' next big
thing?  In prior FFT's we have focused on presenting 15 minute introductions
and short detailed studies of what is new and exciting in Apache Incubator
and at Apache Labs.  Note, this year we want everyone to also consider the
next big thing (or next tiny detail) going on inside the "regular" TLPs.

If you are in-the-know, and you already plan to attend, and you are willing
to present a 15 minute short presentation about your incubating, or labs,
or other new ASF technology, the attendees would very much appreciate
learning about your project's technology!  We only ask that the specific ASF
technology you speak about is new, innovative, etc, and consider that you
are presenting not only to the public, but that this is very highly regarded
by your fellow committers as the place to find out what's exciting across
the entire Foundation.

These presentations have been warmly received, and you get the satisfaction
of championing your project! Fast Feather talks are also a good opportunity
to get started if you don't have much experience in public speaking, but
of course we welcome our public speaking wizards as well.

We are starting the schedule now.  Although we will be setting it up to
anticipate last minute additions (space available) all the way through
the track.  But for the purpose of identifying what technologies are
represented, **please reply** with the technology *you* are willing to
speak about.  Include a title, a *short* description (in the style of
submissions for a CFP) and a short bio of yourself (if you aren't already
an EU '08 speaker) to the list.

But also, send your description and announce your interest to the dev@ list,
this is going to help us to ask your PMCs to pick out redundant proposals,
and let one of the speakers choose something a little different to speak on.
We want not only a variety of material, but also a variety of speakers.
We will begin preparing this schedule by the 16th of February.

Do so soon, and *your podling* can appear in some of the various press
releases about the convention, and perhaps even in the program itself!
Note that although many FFT speakers are now mentioned in the program, and
some of the sessions will be listed in the program (and the rest posted
at the sign-in area/FFT room), speaking on FFT track does not carry the
other 'perks' offered to full session presenters (e.g. there is no travel,
room or registration reimbursement).  It's entirely for bragging rights,
ego, karma and the communities' attention to your project's technology.

If you want to raise general questions or suggestions for the FFT, we can
be found right here on general@i.a.o, and the list.

Many thanks, see you in Amsterdam!

Bertrand, Bill, and Carsten
Your 2008 EU FastFeather Programming crew

Here's an example of how FFT has been promoted, from AC/EU 2007 press
release... (note it's not just about incubator and labs this time around,
and should hopefully run longer than one day.)

Due to the overwhelming response to the Incubator Fast Track in Austin at
ApacheCon US 2006, we expanded the idea for Amsterdam – AND IT WAS A HIT!!!!.

The ASF is now over 10 years old, with more than forty top level projects
and dozens of other active projects in the Incubator and elsewhere.
Additionally, there are new ideas and potential projects being hatched in
the Incubator and Labs every day.

With this in mind, we bring you the Fast Feather Talks. An extra session track
has been added for Thursday. Join us in an intimate setting to hear 10 to 15
minute updates on some of your favorite (or soon-to-be favorite!) projects
within the ASF community. Stay for a few talks, or stay all day and get caught
up on the exciting, cutting-edge world of ASF projects!


The Incubator is the entry path into The Apache Software Foundation (ASF) for
projects and codebases wishing to become part of the Foundation's efforts. All
code donations from external organizations and existing external projects
wishing to join Apache enter through the Incubator.


Apache Labs is a place for innovation where committers of the foundation can
experiment with new ideas. The aim is to provide the necessary resource to
promote and maintain the innovative power within the Apache community without
the burden of community building.

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