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From Simon Nash <>
Subject Re: [Proposal] NoNameYet : Link Error - please use this link
Date Mon, 04 Feb 2008 01:31:22 GMT
Jeremy Boynes wrote:
> On Feb 3, 2008, at 5:31 PM, Paul Fremantle wrote:
>> Meeraj, Jeremy
>> Please read my note again. At no point did I say or imply that BEA led
>> anything. The only thing I said about BEA was:
>> "the two companies who couldn't agree to do it together in Tuscany".
>> Is there anything incorrect about that statement? I'm willing to be
>> corrected if I'm wrong.
> Paul, I was responding to the general theme. Comments on this thread 
> have included "The BEA committers left Tuscany and created a fork 
> elsewhere" and "BEA pulls off and starts a fork." I have heard it said 
> elsewhere as well that BEA forked Tuscany and I just want to try and 
> dispel that meme - if anything, Jim from BEA was more hesitant about 
> splitting than Meeraj and I (who don't work for BEA and never have).
> It wasn't the companies who couldn't agree - it was the individuals.
> -- 
> Jeremy
I agree with Jeremy and Meeraj that this was about individuals rather
than companies.  Given this, I don't see any reason to presume that
a different group of individuals from BEA and IBM wouldn't be able to 
work together successfully on another project.


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