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From Endre StĂžlsvik <>
Subject Re: [Proposal] NoNameYet - Pluto
Date Sat, 02 Feb 2008 19:50:52 GMT
Leo Simons wrote:

> Sure, activity is not 
> that high, and there's not a *huge* developer community, but there does 
> not really seem to be any problem, either. Apache doesn't require 
> projects to be huge successes (by whatever metric) as long as they're 
> healthy and self-sustaining.

This was not healthy up until quite recently - I'd even question whether 
the code and the community is _healthy_ now. And the main point was that 
IBM, the dumpsters, fled the plot pretty fast after the import was done, 
not bothering about creating The Healthy Community around the code they 
off-loaded before leaving.

This should raise at least some slight concerns in Apache, IMO.

> However, much more importantly, proposals should be evaluated on their 
> own merits, not based on what happened to some other unrelated project 4 
> years ago.

How is that project unrelated?? It is a JSR-RI/TCK implementation that 
supposedly shall be "done at Apache", one of the companies that come 
with the proposal and code is the very same company that did the Pluto 
stuff, and the code is delivered in the form of a finished product: a 
complete RI, and a complete TCK.

Out of actual curiosity, what is their actual interest in having this at 
Apache, rather than using Sourceforge or Google Code if the single aim 
is getting this published in an open source fashion?
   (On a tangent, I really would expect a Reference Implementation and a 
Test Compatibility Kit to be quite bare bones, both pretty much merely 
defining the standard, and to NOT evolve much. Changes would only be 
fixes of actual deviations from the specification. That would be a 
rather different aim than what one would want of a fully fledged product)

It is quite interesting to see the amount of action, questions and 
hassle many other projects are instantly getting when being proposed, 
for example the current project Thrift, compared to the meager attention 
this one has gotten. The spectacular amount of answers e.g. Paul's 
questions have elicited from the supposed proposers is also striking.

But in the end, I believe this project will magically just happen anyway.


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