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From Simon Nash <>
Subject Re: [Proposal] NoNameYet : Link Error - please use this link
Date Fri, 01 Feb 2008 18:04:22 GMT

Paul Fremantle wrote:

> Kelvin, NoNameProposers
> Maybe no-one has responded yet because no-one wants to ask the hard
> questions! So here I go:
> Perhaps you can explain why this effort isn't being rolled into the
> Tuscany work.
> There are some obvious reasons why I am confused by this proposal:
> 1. Tuscany already has the objective of producing code for SDO, and
> already has code for SDO.
> 2. Tuscany was another proposal to the IPMC predominantly coming from
> IBM and BEA employees.
> 3. The BEA committers left Tuscany and created a fork elsewhere
> 3. Tuscany has been identified as lacking diversity.
> Why will this project gain diversity when Tuscany is finding it hard?
> This move seems designed to make it even harder for both Tuscany and
> NNYP to get diversity by splitting the pool of potential committers
> even more thinly.
> I did read the paragraph on the relationship to Tuscany but I'm afraid
> I came out more confused.
> I'm sure there are more hard questions but I think that's enough to be
> going on with.
I'll jump in on the points related to Tuscany.  I don't think this new
incubator would necessarily harm Tuscany's diversity.  If it broadens the
open source community around SDO, there will more people interested
in SDO and they may get involved in Tuscany to improve Tuscany's SCA
support for SDO (as well as the many other databindings that Tuscany
SCA provides).

I think it's good for this work to be done in an open community rather
than as an in-house collaboration between vendors.  I'm not sure why
the points about the history of IBM and BEA's involvement in Tuscany
are being raised.  The facts as stated are correct, and I'm sure the
IBM and BEA people putting forward this proposal are well aware of them.
If they have decided that they are willing to work together on this
project and open it to a broader community, I see this as something
positive that should be encouraged.


> Regards,
> Paul
> On Jan 31, 2008 9:47 AM, kelvin goodson <> wrote:
>>That's what you get for employing reuse tactics -- gmail remembers the
>>original URL.  I've been caught by this before, so I thought I had taken
>>appropriate action to avoid this behaviour, but sadly not so, apologies.
>>On 31/01/2008, kelvin goodson <> wrote:
>>>Hi all,
>>>We've posted an Apache Incubator proposal onto the incubator wiki
>>>We haven't got a good name yet,  SandStorm is a contender, as is Snowdon
>>>Suggestions and comments welcome,

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