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From Stefan Hepper <>
Subject Re: [Proposal] NoNameYet - Pluto
Date Fri, 01 Feb 2008 11:11:40 GMT
here my response to Endre's mail 

about Pluto V 1.x:
Due to the JCP process guidelines at that time you could not have early 
public drafts and thus you are correct that the RI got to Apache very 
late. However, we discussed this with people from Apache and we also 
went through the incubation process. It would have always been an option 
to not accept the project.
It is not true that after the JSR was final everything stopped. In fact 
once we had finished 1.0 there was still work done to get to a more 
stable 1.0.1 release. After that the pluto community re-structed the 
code which led to the pluto 1.1 stream, so you can see that it was an 
active community not only some code drop.
Also in my view pluto was a success, take a look at all the projects 
using the pluto container:

about JSR 286/Pluto 2.0:
Besides myself there are 4 people from Apache projects sitting in the 
JSR 286 EG and now that the JCP supports early public drafts we 
published early drafts more than a year ago and started the development 
of 2.0 directly at Apache. It is also based on the new 1.1 codestream 
that the Apache community created.

I think you should also consider the view points of companies donating 
work and code to Apache. In my opinion  it would have been much cheaper 
for IBM to just put the RI out there on some server instead of going to 
Apache. We went to Apache because we wanted the portlet standard to be 
widespread and easy to adopt by everyone.


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